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Earning Opportunities
Basic Annual Salary

You will receive your salary in equal monthly instalments by credit transfer on or around the 25th day of each month. The Company reviews all salaries annually on or around 1 May. Any increase to your salary is entirely at the Company’s discretion and you will have no contractual entitlement to receive an annual increase.

Bonus Scheme

Northgate believes in Teamwork therefore all branch Motor Vehicle Technicians have the opportunity to earn a productivity bonus payment of up to £1200 per annum

Call Out

Branch employees have the opportunity to volunteer to be on call at an additional £50 per week

Just for You – Benefits Portal

Just for You is an excellent programme designed to save you and your family money e.g. discounts on shopping, holidays, entertainment, as well as give you help and support should a particular situation arise. It offers you a wide choice of great new benefits allowing on average an £800 saving per annum

Discount with O2 Products and Services

Everyone across Northgate is eligible for the O2 discount scheme. The discount is 20% off accessories as well as 30% off O2 Refresh Tariffs. You can also pass the discount code on to your family and friends!

Discounts on Rental, Vehicle Maintenance, Tyres

Our network of fleet are available to employees to hire at significantly reduced rental rates. As an employee benefit, our network of 50+ workshops are available to staff and their immediate family members, for the maintenance of their personal cars, at a rate significantly reduced from standard garage retail prices.

Eye Test / Glasses Vouchers

If you use display screen equipment (DSE) on a regular basis at work you are entitled to a free eye test. Where spectacles are prescribed as necessary for DSE work, Northgate will reimburse the user with the cost of basic lenses and frames.


You will be supplied with the appropriate uniform for your role as MVT (Overalls, Safety shoes)

Employer Pension Contribution (max 5%)

Northgate operates a group personal pension plan through Aegon. The Company will pay a monthly contribution of 5% of your basic salary and your contribution will be a minimum of 3% of your basic salary although you can pay more than this if you wish.

Life Assurance

As an employee of the Northgate group of companies, you have the benefit of life assurance cover of twice basic annual salary. This cover is at no cost to you. Once you are eligible, should you choose to join the Northgate Group Personal Pension Plan, the level of life cover would automatically be increased to 3 times annual salary, again at no cost to you.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers are an employee benefit for all eligible working parents. They're a Government-approved, tax-efficient way of paying for childcare. If you join the scheme, you can exchange up to £243† a month (£55† a week) of your gross salary for childcare vouchers. The part of your gross salary you exchange for childcare vouchers is tax-free and exempt from National Insurance contributions (NI). Because of this, you can make savings of up to £933* a parent, a year.

Insurance for Tools

Northgate provides insurance cover for our MVT and Mobile MVT tooling

Total includes referral scheme payment but not including tools.

Christmas Party

Every employee is entitled to £30 contribution towards a department / team function. Should individuals choose not to attend then their £30 is not spent.

Birthday Holiday

Celebrate your Birthday! Take the day off on us, everyone has an extra day off on their birthdate to make it more special.

Non contractual (to be used within one month of your birthday)